Portage County beekeepers association

Swarm List

Have a swarm of bees?

Make sure they are honey bees. We only remove honey bees

If after checking you in fact do have honey bees,

Contact one of our members below to see if they are interested in removing them for you.

Updated 4/5/2022

Area Name Phone #

Brimfield, Suffield, Geoff Westerfield 330-338-6140

Mogadore, Kent

Atwater, Edinburg, Mary Lovin 330-672-4483 or 330-325-3028

Randolph, Kent

Central Portage County Ed Kibler 330-296-4690

Shalersville Twp Dave Strecker 330-715-6357

Portage County Jerry Guyette 330-562-8916 or 216-548-9168

SW Portage Co Dan Kaminski 330-673-0664

SE Summit Co

Edinburg Area Bob Bearss 216-544-6872

Kent Area Maggie Loughney 330-322-7435