Portage County beekeepers association


Updated 4/5/2022


As you begin your journey into the world of beekeeping you will undoubtedly have many questions.

It is hoped that this document will aide you in your endeavors.

OHIO DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE http://www.agri.ohio.gov/divs/plant/apiary/apiary.aspx



OHIO APIARY LAWS - http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/909

Below is a basic list of trusted sites with good pertinent information. This is not an all-inclusive list but should help you through the next 5+ years.

“The Ohio State University Bee Lab” http://beelab.osu.edu/t08_pageview/Workshops_and_Webinars.htm

Randy Oliver http://scientificbeekeeping.com/ This site is very informative and helpful.

Honey Bee Health Coalition http://honeybeehealthcoalition.org

University of Guelph http://www.uoguelph.ca/honeybee/videos.shtml this site has some good videos about basic beekeeping.

Bee Informed Partnership https://beeinformed.org/

NY Bee Wellness YouTube videos, with Randy Oliver-Dr. Medhat Nasr… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7iM0M1_IwQPIKSpdMnCLjQ/videos

Honey bee Pests and diseases https://extension.psu.edu/a-quick-reference-guide-to-honey-bee-parasites-pests-predators-and-diseases

Small Hive Beetle information https://vincemasterbeekeeper.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/small-hive-beetle-ipm-hood.pdf

Honey Bee Suite https://www.honeybeesuite.com/

Kim Flottum- Beekeeping Today Podcast http://beekeepingtodaypodcast.com/

Some Ohio Nectar and Pollen plants http://www.ccnybees.org/uploads/1/0/5/8/10585924/ohio_state_university_extension_factsheet_-_ohionectarplants.pdf

GROWING DEGREE DAYS https://www.oardc.ohio-state.edu/gdd/CalendarView.asp

Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) Master Beekeeper Program https://easternapiculture.org/programs/master-beekeepers/master-beekeepers-certification-program/

Ohio State Growing Degree Days Tool

Honey Bee Laboratory

Randy Oliver's Scientific Beekeeping

E.F. Phillips Library at Cornell University

Pollinator Stewardship Council

Local Suppliers

Name Contact Info Supplies

Bob Bearss 216-544-6872 Packages, Woodenware

Peggy Garnes 330-723-6265 Queens

Laura Urban 330-608-3778 Woodenware, Queens, Packages, Nucs


Jerry Guyette 330-562-8916 Packages, Nucs

Kaminski Apiaries 330-673-0664 Packages, Nucs

Ed Kibler 330-296-4690 Packages, Nucs

Blue Sky Bee Supply www.blueskybeesupply.com Woodenware, general bee supplies

Hartville Honey Bee Farm 330-324-6023 www.Hartvillehoney.com Saskatraz & VSH-Italian Nucs.

Mary Lovin 330-325-3028 or mlovin@kent.edu Nuc

Ohio Queen, Nuc and Package Suppliers

The following is a list of suppliers of Queens, Package Bees and Nucs who are members of OSBA. This list is not an endorsement or recommendation by OSBA.

Please send any corrections or additions to webmaster@ohiostatebeekeepers.org